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Magnetic survey

The magnetic survey technique measures the localized magnetic variations in the Earth's magnetic field caused by buried man-made ferrous objects and natural mineralized zones. As a result, it is a versatile exploration tool frequently employed in a wide range of applications, from archeological and engineering studies to large-scale regional trends of mineralization. The company employs several proton precession sensors that possess greater dynamic ranges for more accuracy.




GSM-19 Proton magnetometer

From robust field units to efficient survey modes and fast data downloading, GSM-19 is designed to deliver the maximum value in a proton precession system.
The GSM-19 also provides numerous technologies that differentiate it from other systems. For example, the proton precession system with integrated GPS (optional) for high-sensitivity, accurately-positioned ground surveys.
With v7.0 upgrades, GEM's proton precession system leads in sensitivity, memory, base station technology and other areas.


Sensitivity: 0.15 nT @ 1 reading per sec.
0.05 nT @ 1 reading every 4 sec.
Resolution: 0.01 nT
Absolute Accuracy: +/- 0.2 nT @ 1 Hz
Dynamic Range: 20,000 to 120,000 nT
Gradient Tolerance: over 7000 nT/m
Samples at: 60+, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.5 sec
Operating Temperature: -40C to +50C

Operating Modes
Manual: coordinates, time, date and reading stored automatically at minimum 3 sec. interval
Base Station: time, date and reading stored at 3 to 60 second intervals
Remote Control: optional remote control using RS-232 interface
Input / Output: RS-232 or analog (optional) output using 6-pin weatherproof connector

Storage - 32 MB (# of Readings)
Mobile: 1,465,623
Base Station: 5,373,951
Gradiometer: 1,240,142
Walking Mag: 2,686,975 Dimensions
Console: 223 x 69 x 240 mm
Sensor: 170 x 71mm diameter cylinder

Console: 2.1 kg
Sensor and Staff Assembly: 2.2 kg

Standard Components
GSM-19T console, GEMLinkW software, batteries, harness, charger, sensor with cable, RS-232 cable and USB adapter, staff, instruction manual and shipping case.



Total Magnetic Intensity Map
Reduce to Pole Map
Analytic Signals Map
Tilt and Horizontal derivative Maps....