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Seismic survey

GeoSignals LLC is pleased to provide the shallow high-resolution surface seismic reflection and refraction surveys to address the challenges of accurately detecting and imaging shallow geologic structures and minerals, such as coal. The company possesses a variety of seismic sources and receivers that will provide us the capability to image different targets at different depths. Depending on your exploration objectives, the company can design the most appropriate seismic acquisition parameters to yield the best results. In such surveys, we employ the most versatile, rugged, reliable, and portable recording system - the Geometries Geode.

GS Seismic LLC is a subsidiary company of the Geosignals LLC. We have professional crews who had work experience with seismic survey. The combined team of highly-qualified and experienced Mongolian and American professionals would ensure that your oil exploration program will be in good hands. America, especially Houston is the headquarters of many major oil and drilling companies and seismic contractors. Advances and innovations in 2D/3D/4D seismic technologies are developed there as well. Therefore, our seismic data processing and interpretation capabilities will be conducted in Houston, Texas, office.

The company recently invested significant capital to purchase the SERCEL 428XL recording system and upgraded the vibrator electronic control systems for our five (5) Mertz M-22 Vibroseis units. The upgrades will ensure that the vibrators will operate in sync and communicate precisely with the new 428XL recorder.