• The magnetic survey technique measures the localized magnetic variations in the Earth's magnetic field caused by buried man-made ferrous objects and natural mineralized zones. As a result, it is a versatile exploration tool frequently employed in a wide range of applications, from archeological and engineering studies to large-scale regional trends of mineralization. The company employs several proton precession sensors that possess greater dynamic ranges for more accuracy.
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  • The earth is not a homogeneous media but composed of rock layers with varying degrees of density. The gravity survey measures localized variations in the Earth's gravity field caused by the presence of other subsurface materials of different densities or voids. Differences in the measured gravity fields are extremely small. As a result, accuracy is vital to the success of such surveys. The company employs the world's standard gravimeters; namely, the L&R G-Meters and Scintrix CG-5 instruments. Inverse modeling software programs are employed to process and interpret the gravity.
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  • Subsurface rock layers possess variable electrical properties and are considered a very useful geophysical parameter to measure that will indicate or characterize the earth's lithology. Variations in electrical resistivity [or conversely, conductivity) typically correlate with variable water saturation fluid conductivity, porosity, mineralization, and/or permeability in rocks. Data acquisition involves deployment of an array of regularly-spaced electrodes. Resistivity or induce polarization data are then recorded via complex combinations of cur-rent and potential electrode pairs to build up pseudo cross-sections of apparent resistivity beneath the survey lines. The depth of investigation depends on the electrode separation and geometry, with greater electrode separations yielding bulk resistivity measurements to greater depths. Modeling software programs are then used to invert the measured data to generate true subsurface resistivity images.
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  • Spectrometric survey is a methodology to obtain geological and geophysical data from radioactive of the rock that is based on the physical property. With this survey we can survey and process distribution of the element which is the uranium, thorium, potassium and other radioactive elements. Since 2011 our company purchased spectrometer of the Pico Envirotec Inc which will provide our client’s product with high resolution.
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  • GeoSignals LLC is pleased to provide the shallow high-resolution surface seismic reflection and refraction surveys to address the challenges of accurately detecting and imaging shallow geologic structures and minerals, such as coal. The company possesses a variety of seismic sources and receivers that will provide us the capability to image different targets at different depths. Depending on your exploration objectives, the company can design the most appropriate seismic acquisition parameters to yield the best results. In such surveys, we employ the most versatile, rugged, reliable, and portable recording system - the Geometries Geode.
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  • When you require fast and reliable crews to gather accurate X, Y, Z data points on the earth\'s surface using the most advanced surveying equipment, you need to look no farther. Geosignals LLC can provide such services for all your land surveying needs applied to mineral and petroleum exploration, drilling, engineering, construction, utility sites, boundaries, etc. The company employs the most advanced hardware and software GPS systems available to meet your needs.
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Mongolia is rich in mineral resources.  Its true potential however has not been fully evaluated because the country is still underexplored.    GeoSignals (GS) LLC was formed in 2006 to address these challenges of exploring the country by employing the most advanced remote-sensing technologies available.  This requires the acquisition of various geophysical instruments, software, and training of professionals.  The company offers a wide spectrum of geophysical technologies that can be used to detect and image subsurface mineral deposits; namely, magnetic, gravity, IP, geodetic, EM, and seismic.

To further enhance our capabilities, maintain high-quality international standards, and training, GS formed a strategic partnership with Lawrence M. Gochioco, President of LM Gochioco & Associates Inc. and GeoNano Technology Corp., based in Houston, Texas, USA.  Mr. Gochioco is an internationally-renowned geophysicist who is well-known within the Society of Exploration Geophysicist (SEG) because of his past and current editorial positions.  He published over 30 technical papers and feature articles in various engineering and geophysical journals.  [Company websit:

Since 2008, GS professionals have been attending the annual SEG meetings held in the USA to learn innovative geophysical technologies.  In addition, they traveled to other western countries for more training and to attend continuing education classes.  The company has coordinated and sponsored SEG events in Mongolia.  More recently, GS succeeded in inviting Mr. Gochioco give a talk at the National University of Mongolia (NUM) in 2010.  Through their efforts and hardwork, the SEG Executive Committee approved the formation of Mongolia’s first student chapter on Feb. 2011.  NUM students can now avail of SEG programs (i.e. educational materials, scholarships, training, etc.) via the student chapter.

Last News
10 Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)

The SEG serves the global geosciences community with pertinent events, useful information, and networking opportunities for the purpose of advancing today’s geophysics and inspring the next generation of geophysicists.  Since 2008, GeoSignals LLC has been an avid supporter of the SEG activities in Mongolia through organizing talks given by prominent SEG lectures at local universities. Through its corporate sponsorship, the country’s first SEG student chapter was formed in 2010 at the National University of Mongolia.

In recognition for his contributions, the SEG invited Mr.Uguumur Gotovsuren/GS Owner/–as the 2011 SEG Asia-Pacific Technical Luncheon speaker held at the annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

The management team of Geosignals LLC fully maintaining the quality, health, safety and environment policy. Therefore, in 2011 we successfully implemented “Save the planet” project by our team. Also, we continually improve the quality of our products and services, provide a safe work environment for our employees, and protect the environment through safe and responsible resource management.